keeneland_20110603_001We did a quick run up to Keeneland Race Track to check on a few horses we are waiting to become available for sale. Even when there is no racing at Keeneland it has lots of activity because it is a training center for Thoroughbreds. While in Kentucky, we stopped by our favorite breeder’s farm to get more photos of Great Game and pick up some fantastic Kentucky hay for the horses back home. Enjoy our story and photos . . .

And They’re Off. . . to Keeneland!

We feel closer to these race-horses, because at any time, if any of the horses begin not to perform so well, we could easily be placing them or easing them into farm and regular horse life away from the track! After all, this is just about the life-style many of our boys were used to before we got them. Many of the horses we have placed, raced at Keeneland.

Friends Having Fun

We were up early in order to head over to, arguably, one of the most beautiful racetracks ever, Keeneland. Here we were able to watch the horses do their early morning training at the main track and, even better, we were able to touch several of these beautiful race-horses in their stalls and talk to some of their grooms.

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