With Wings

Happy Mother’s Day – To Me!

with-wings_20100509_135_500 Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms of the horses we have placed. These horses bring great happiness to the lives of the people who have taken the time to retrain these ex-race horses. I decided to get my own BAYby to retrain after reading all the wonderful Success Stories on our sister site: www.OTTBSuccessStories.com. Read more about my new BAYby, Reign Day’s brother, With Wings.

Reign Day’s Training Diary is Complete

reign-day_20100307_004 If you are new to our Web site or have been watching our Prospect Horses at the Track sell quickly, you might be wondering what is it like to retrain a horse directly off-the-track. Reign Day’s Training Diary takes you on a six week long training session that starts one week after he finished racing. Ride along as Elizabeth teaches Reign Day to be a sport horse. Read more . . .

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