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Happy Birthday Dr. Fred!

Dr. Fred is one lucky horse. He got his own carrot birthday cake for his eleventh birthday. Watch as he digs in to get the carrots. LOL. Dr. Fred shares his birthday with his youngest filly who just turned fourteen the same day! Happy Birthday Dr. Fred and filly! Watch the video!

Happy Birthday Dr. Fredd OTTB

New Success Stories

As the year winds down we are still trying to keep up with all the wonderful OTTB Success Stories we have received. Please do not be upset if we have still not gotten your update posted. We are working to get caught up, but ‘real’ work gets in the way. Please understand that we read …

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NEW Look to Our OTTB Success Stories Site

If you have not visited our sister site: then you have not read the rest of the story. We require our buyers to stay in touch. Our OTTB Success Stories are their stories about what it is like to transition a Thoroughbred off-the-track and into a new career. Our stories are published for potential buyers to learn what to expect and they are also for our sellers so that they know their horse is loved and has a new career after racing. We have just updated the look and function of the site so take a visit over and see what is new. We are trying to get caught up on all the success stories and our new layout and look should help.

OTTB Success Stories site | Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds

Easter Sunride

Monarch's Reign - a sleep on the saddle It was a beautiful Easter Sunday morning but it was a little too early for Monarch’s Reign to be up for a trail ride. He fell asleep on his saddle as his mom tried to tack him up in the trailer. See the photos of our ride and our Easter/birthday party that we enjoyed when we returned to the farm on our 2011 Outings & Training Photos page under Training Thoroughbreds.

Imatexan’s Training Continues

imatexan_20110202_016 We have two more days of training notes for Imatexan posted under our Training Thoroughbreds menu above. Both Imatexan and Spot Run are doing extremely well with their training. Tomorrow we will be posting the diary that Katelyn has been keeping about what she is learning while training Spot Run.

Go to Imatexan Begins Her Training to start reading about retraining a horse directly from the race track. Then continue on to Imatexan’s First Week in Training to see photos and videos of yesterday’s and today’s training sessions.

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