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Researching Your Off-the-Track Thoroughbred Using the Internet

There’s lots of great information to be found on the Internet if you have an off-the-track Thoroughbred. I am going to start writing a series on how to dig out information on your Thoroughbred using the digital tools available for free. This is the first in the new series. We will outline step-by-step how and where to dig out the info on your ex-racehorse.

Rocky Bear at a Daniel Stewart clinic in 2019

Visit Our Equine Products to Help Horse Owners on a Budget Page

We have just started a page where we can share the products that we use at Bits & Bytes Farm. Running a farm is a learning experience – you make lots of mistakes and along the way, you find a few products and resources that really make the job easier and stretch the budget. We …

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Helpful Tips & Tools for Horse Owners

Running Tall’s Training Begins

running-tall_20110308_068So many people wonder how hard is it to take a horse right off-the-track and begin training? Read our updated Training Thoroughbreds page to see how we get started. There are lots of great stories about the horses we have trained. We have just added one more page to the Training Thoroughbreds menu. . . Running Tall – The Training Begins. We have photos and videos of this gorgeous horse. Follow along as we begin his training. We also have Reign Day, Imatexan, Spot Run and With Wings training information. If you think you want to get a horse off-the-track, read our training pages and see if you are up to the task. Then call us and we will help match you to a wonderful Thoroughbred. Be sure to watch our training videos on the BitsandBytesFarm YouTube Channel.

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Bounced Leaves and Reign Day Arrives at Bits & Bytes Farm

bounced_20100206_19We did a quick trip to Kentucky to drop off Bounced in Kentucky where he will pick up his ride to his new home in Oklahoma. We returned with our newest off-the-track Thoroughbred – Reign Day who will be in training at Bits & Bytes Farm for then next month or so before he goes to his new home in Massachusetts.
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Famous Thoroughbreds – New Page

We have added a menu button and link to photo pages of famous Thoroughbreds we have met and photographed. Many of the horses we sell are very well bred and people enjoy seeing what the horses in their pedigree look like. You can find links to Thoroughbred horse pedigrees on our Resources For Thoroughbred Owners page.

Buying Thoroughbred Horses Sight Unseen

We have a new page that answers a lot of questions that we are frequently asked about buying from Bits & Bytes Farm and buying horses directly from the race track – sight unseen. Check it out and give us a call if you would like us to help choose which horse on the site might be a match for you.

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