Snow Day in Georgia

It is not real often we get snow in Atlanta, and when we do it really messes up the city and traffic – even worse than normal.

Find the white horse in the snow.

Thoroughbreds Rollin in the Snow – MORE PHOTOS January 20!

Lucky helps out cleaning stallsAre you wondering why the Web site and OTTB Success Stories have not been kept current? In case you did not hear . . . we got snow in Atlanta and about eight inches at the farm. See video our our Thoroughbreds rolling in the snow. We were stuck at the farm for a week with no help except for Lucky . . . Read More . . .

Bits & Bytes Farm in the Snow

Monarch's Reign Here are some photos of Bits & Bytes Farm the day after Christmas, for those of our friends and boarders who did not get to see the farm covered in snow.

Click to see our Thoroughbred horses enjoying the snow.

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