You Can’t Have Just One!

spot-run_20110130_095The Oliver family knows what we mean when we say you can’t have just one – Thoroughbred that is! Mom Cindy and daughter Katelyn are both horse crazy and have fallen in love with the breed. See the Thoroughbreds they purchased from Bits & Bytes Farm.
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Who’s Online?

What are our visitors looking at on the site right now? There are 17 current visitors now on the site. The Prospect Horses For Sale page is getting a lot of attention. Someone is looking at Play, Alli and someone keeps coming in on JJ’s page. They must have it bookmarked! We watched a Canadian visitor track through several pages and finishing up looking at the Contact page and the Directions page.

We See You!

We have some new tools on our Web site and we can see who is visiting our site! Today the Bits & Bytes Farm Web site has had visitors from all over the world. There were: twelve visitors from Canada; four visitors from Australia and the United Kingdom; one from Boksburg, South Africa; Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico; Evora, Portugal; Tripoli, Lybian Arab Jamahiriya; Prigorodnyy in the Russian Federation; Pakistan; Denmark; Heiloo,Netherlands; Haverlee, Belgium; Zurich, Switzerland; Sesto Fiorentino, Italy; and visitors all over the United States from Honolulu, Hawaii to Portsmouth, New Hampshire and even one from Wasilla, Alaska – hello Sarah!

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